So many Venn diagrams could be drawn to represent overlapping aspects of craft. Remember Venn diagrams from high school? The big circles where the cool shit always happened in the football-shaped middle? The center of those diagrams were the pinnacle of awesome. Never mind that you could draw them in reverse with the awesome on the outside... no one ever does that.  And there was that weird triangle middle too - the shape that happened when you had three circles, but that's too complex for this story. Let's keep this simple.  (You there hiding in the back row - yes you...  I can see you rolling your eyes. I hear what you are thinking too. You are thinking, "you are talking about high school science, Amy, that isn't simple. Get on with the story...

We settled into our home quickly. We tossed down the quilts and the pillows and we made a nest. To celebrate, I asked the girls at Polka Dot Tea to sponsor a housewarming giveaway with some of their Japanese fabrics. Jeannette pulled together a bundle of ten prints, which I'm going to giveaway to you.

Before I do, I want to tell you about some things that I love about Polka Dot Tea. The first is that they sell hard-to-find Japanese fabrics from Yuwa and Kei.

A few people recently asked how we are settling into our new home. The answer is pretty darn quick. We aren't ones for a show home with perfectly styling. We go for a more lived in approach. Two days after our boxes arrived, they were all unpacked. Things were put away and the nest of quilts and pillows started to fall into their natural shape on the couch.

We didn't buy any new furniture for this move. In fact we purged quite a bit - my sewing desk, our coffee table and the sideboard.

Often when I go on holiday, I look forward to getting away from technology. On this trip, it was apparent that I was needed to take technology with me. I was still organizing a move, reviewing print submissions and finishing projects on a deadline. In lieu of lugging around laptops during our holidays and on our move, Craig and I bought new mobile phones earlier this year.

From mid-July until mid-August, I knew I'd be without my computer and/or a reliable network connection for it.

Ready to have your mind blown? I made each and every one of these quilt designs on my phone.

Yes, my phone. I can hardly believe it myself, but it is true. Later this week, I'm going to put a blog post up about tools for travel - vector design, image processing, image transfer, blogging and more. For now, though I just wanted to show you what you can do when you work past perceived limitations.

Before we went on holidays and before we moved to Melbourne, I had found myself working in a great job. I started at Express Media Group working as a technical project editor for patchwork magazines in March and was thrilled to have found work based on my hobby. EMG is a media group that publishes a number of craft magazines including Australian Patchwork & Quilting, Patchwork & Stitching, Handmade and Country Threads. They also publish a number of caravan magazines which I regularly read too.

"Was that a Stormtrooper on the highway?" 

Not a conversation we expected to be having. Certainly not so far away from any town. Certainly not in remote Western Australia. But there he was on the side of the highway. Was he pushing a cart? We had to turn back.

Meeting someone travelling Australia on foot has been a weird sidenote on my bucket list for a while now. It stems from too many viewings of The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert in college.

Fishing isn't my forte. In fact, I started a whole blog about my fishing adventures only to find it was a painfully redundant exercise of logging days without a catch. 

As it turns out, it's more about where you fish than how you fish. 

Five months. One fish.

It may not seem like it in the photo, but that is a look of overwhelming joy.

It was only five months ago that we were in Western Australia.  Sure, our last drive was harrowing, but we knew we needed to come back.

The roads were less haunting this time. Less barren. Alive with color.  Wildflower season has started here.  Couple that with the canola fields rolled out like welcome mats and you see Western Australia in another light.

Vibrant and alive. Lush and fertile. A stark contrast to the dry red landscape in another season.

I'll cut to the chase. There's a giveaway at the bottom of this blog post with no hoops to jump through. I want to say thank you for dropping by and visiting Badskirt. I am really thankful that you are here! Each of three winners will receive a PDF copy of my new Woven Slashes cushion and potholder pattern or a purchase refund for those who can't wait to give it a try.

Before the giveaway though, I want to share a few of my recent favorite Quilt Design a Day efforts.