A couple of days ago, when I was having a good moment, I curled up on the couch to do a little sewing. Sitting cross-legged and working hoopless may not be an orthodox hand-quilting style, but it works for me. I had a bit of energy then and my spirits were up, so I asked Craig if he could take a photo. I was covered head to toe in thread lint and wearing a frumpy house dress. I was disheveled and still a bit tired. In that quiet moment of making, I felt very beautiful.

I hadn't planned for another medical post in back-to-back succession with the last, but sometimes clear cut things aren't so clear cut. I met with my neurologist for the first time yesterday afternoon, after a particularly bad day.

I've been unsure how much to share about my Ramsay Hunt Syndrome on my blog because I like to keep this an uplifting space, but my current reality isn't all that uplifting. It's quite scary and sometimes depressing. I have been sharing quite a bit of my daily progress publicly on my Facebook account which means friends and followers alike can see how I'm progressing. If you want to see more frequent updates, then I invite you to follow along with me there.

A bit of summer reading might sound exceptionally strange to my Northern Hemisphere friends who are waiting for snowflakes to fall and hoping for a white Christmas; but summer is in full swing here in Australia and that means days at the beach slung back on a banana lounger listening to the waves and the rest of the family frolics in the water. Ok maybe your life isn't quite so glamorous, but hopefully you will find a little free time this summer season.

Spoiler Alert: It starts with a sneeze and ends with a trip to the ER.

Every so often, I do a fabric cupboard tidy. I shift things away from their current stacks, piling them in a different way to look for inspiration. Typically I'm not a fabric hoarder; but I instantly recognized that I've amassed quite a bit of linen-blends and cotton canvas prints. Throughout the year, I convinced myself I was restocking. The truth is that I overstocked - LBHI.

I have a small stack of finished projects and patterns that I've been meaning to upload to my Craftsy shop for quite some time. These are easy-to-make beginner and immediate level quilts, cushions and homewares. I've set myself a personal goal of uploading at least one a week through the end of the year.

Last week, I added Cordial on Sunday, which was born out of a Quilt Design a Day pattern.

A few months ago, I joined the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild which has an amazingly clever mix of members. The guild itself provides plenty of chance for social interaction with two meetups a month, but sometimes a few members will get together spontaneously for non-official outings.

When Bronwynn put up a note that Treehouse Textiles was having a small holiday party in their shop, I quickly raised my hand.

This is a story about basting. A story where the good guys face battles of epic proportions. A story where our hero tackles insurmountable odds. Terror and grief are at every turn, yet somehow in spite of all that, our hero forges on...

We'll skip the chapter where our hero realizes she's bought purple fabric. We'll move past the battle with Auspost in which the fabric arrives in a mutilated envelope.

Hello long-time readers and welcome newcomers from Sew, Mama, Sew's Giveaway Day! For those who haven't visited Badskirt before, you've landed on a sewing, quilting and travel blog. It's a bit quirky, a bit retro and a bit funny at times. Here you'll find sewing and quilting tutorials, product reviews, fabric photos and travel stories. I also sell patterns on Craftsy and write for patchwork magazines.

A few months ago, I gave myself a personal challenge of entering more contests. In that time I've managed to enter only two design contests. I'm not breaking any land speed records for entry. One of those contests was the Cloud9 Cirrus Solids Block of the Month Challenge. You might remember that my initial efforts led to a Cirrus Plaid block and a review of the Cirrus Solids woven fabrics. Call me greedy, but I really wanted to win a bit more.

There's always a satisfying feeling when you finish your last bee blocks in a quilting bee. I do love sewing for my bees. They give me a good variety of things to sew and let me work with prints wouldn't normally choose, but there's something really thrilling about finishing those last blocks - a big sense of accomplishment.

My last blocks for 2014 were for Lorena who requested pieced words that were synonyms for sleep and rest. After a bit of jostling for words, I landed on snooze and shuteye.