Earlier this month Crystal of Two Little Aussie Birdies invited me to join in the conversation about Modern Quilting, Modern Women. This was shortly after I went on a rant on Facebook about Family Feud questions. The show asked about women's jobs and men's jobs. I'm rarely vocal about feminist issues. In fact, as an engineering and computer science student in college, I shunned women's groups or women's scholarships. I was of the mindset that it was better to just go out and proof your worth - regardless of gender - than sit around talking about it. The Family Feud question irked me though. I couldn't understand why in 2014 we needed to ask about gender roles. What does a woman do? What's a Modern Woman to me? She's a person and she does all sorts of things. 


Would you like to win this amazingly awesome wool felt bundle from Two Blue Birdies? Trust me. When I tell you about the merino felt in Sonya's shop, you are going to want to win this 86 color treat! The giveaway is after my review - if you already know you love this felt, then scroll to the bottom.

My obsession with wool felt started a couple of months ago when on a whim, I picked up some small pieces of wool felt and made a few cushions. I had no idea what a difference proper wool felt made.

A few years back, when die-cut fabric machines were still a relatively new thing, I reviewed the Sizzix BigShot. I was a fan and coerced most of my Sydney friends that they needed one too. I loved the expediency and ease of the cutting, the smart shapes, the lack of dog ears and the ability to spend my sewing time doing the parts of the process that I enjoyed. I had tried a competitor's product which left me flat, but the Sizzix won me over.

With the holiday season rapidly approaching and 'sew' many handmade gifts to make, wouldn't it be nice if there was one easy gift that you could make for everyone? That was my goal when I created today's simple and fun sewing tutorial. One gift for all of them! 

Quickly mark all your friends and family off the list this holiday season with only minor changes to this reverse appliqué wool felt project.

I recently had a birthday that came along with new treats from eBay and our local vintage market.

...a classic Dymo label maker. It comes with memories of Saturdays at my grandma's house. Grandma June had two Dymos. She let me play with both and waste tape like there were no cares in the world. The M-4 Australian model takes the skinny 1/4inch label tape, so my eyes will be peeled as the roll it's come with is nearly empty and my newer Dymo uses the larger tape.

I still make designs at Quilt Design a Day, but found myself slipping a bit. We had a run of uninspiring reference images and I couldn't convince myself to keep up with it. As a group, we put our heads together and decided that between us, we have more than enough photographs to come up with clever palettes.

I was up first at making our new creative sparks. We each take seven days then pass the baton.

I kick it old school on Flickr. For me, it's still the best way to take in a lot of crafty goodness while cutting through all the noise. It was on Flickr about a month ago that I first noticed the Cirrus Solids pop up on the Cloud9 Fabrics photostream. Immediately I was drawn to the vibrant color palette - playful teals, mustardy-citrons, bold fuchsia. My heart got a bit fluttery at the thought of yarn-dyed woven fabrics in the rich eye-catching colors that I love.

I was sitting at our table sewing yesterday when something sparkly caught my eye...

Our local Australian Rules team won the premiership this weekend. For my non-Australian readers, that's the equivalent of winning the Superbowl. It's big news. When we moved to Hawthorn, Craig and I rapidly became Hawks fans, bought footy scarves and even went to a couple of games at the MCG. Moving to the Melbourne area rekindled a love of sport that I had lost somewhere along the way.

Our weekend plans. The webbing arrived. Nineteen chairs worth. We're going to be busy.

I've been tagged by Anne @ Play Crafts to join in the Around the World Blog Hop. If this is your first time seeing an Around the World whistle stop, the idea is that you answer a few questions about your creative work and processes, then you pass the baton on to a few people. There's no end to the hopping. If you've got a bit of time, you can follow the chain back to the beginning, working from Anne's Around the World stop.