I'll cut to the chase. There's a giveaway at the bottom of this blog post with no hoops to jump through. I want to say thank you for dropping by and visiting Badskirt. I am really thankful that you are here! Each of three winners will receive a PDF copy of my new Woven Slashes cushion and potholder pattern or a purchase refund for those who can't wait to give it a try.

Before the giveaway though, I want to share a few of my recent favorite Quilt Design a Day efforts. Getting ready to move cities has been frantic. Moving our apartment in less than a month, wrapping up my work commitments and juggling a previously planned holiday on the other side of the continent is utterly crazy. Making things, even digitally, helps keep me sane.

Today I realized my keys are most likely locked in my truck. My truck is locked in a secure garage only accessible by a keyed elevator which is down the hall from my apartment door which automatically locks when we walk out it.  Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but my husband flew off to Melbourne this morning leaving me effectively trapped in our house. That's the bad news, but there's plenty of good!

The big, big news is that we're moving.

Another couple of weeks of mostly daily designing under my belt. Honestly, I haven't felt this good creatively in ages. We've had a lot of new people join the Quilt Design A Day Facebook group recently which is great. Some people design, some people leave constructive feedback - both kinds of members are welcome.

What I love most about the group is how we encourage each other and help each other out. Even if you've never designed a quilt or used a graphic program before, don't be afraid.

I'm still plugging away at Quilt Design A Day. I've surprised myself. I was certain my eagerness would wane after a few weeks, but I'm still at it as I near the four month mark. Persistence has paid off, and my designs have improved over time. I'm smitten with many of them; and if you've read Badskirt for any length of time, you'll know that I'm my toughest critic. We've had a lot of purple and green this month, and surprisingly those are the designs that I've liked the most.

I'm still coughing and sputtering, but mustered enough energy last night to sit down and sew another cushion top which I finished quilting this morning. This time I used one of my Woven Slash designs, also from the Quilt Design A Day project. It may appear to be simple half-square triangle, but it isn't. There was actually a fair bit of fretting over seam placement and the best way to break up the piecing for visual impact.

I've emerged from the depths of the flu just long enough to finish a cushion to snuggle with. The design is from a Quilt Design A Day pattern that I made in April. The cushion is a study for a larger quilt that I hope to do one day. I used a charcoal/grey shot cotton, a mustard solid and backed it with a Rashida Coleman-Hale print.

I debated whether or not the 1/2inch parallel line quilting was the right choice and momentarily thought of changing it, but as it turns out it was perfect.

I've been reluctant to do my Berry Modern Quilt Show write-up because my photographs were yellow-tinged and cluttered. I needed better lenses and filters to break through the exhibition hall lighting. I wanted the photographs and this blog post to showcase the quilts in the way they were meant to be enjoyed. I hemmed and hawed whether bad photos were better than no photos, then set to work to make the best of them. The result is a virtual catalogue of a handful of pieces from the show.

Despite being a bit under the weather, but I try hard to squeeze in my Quilt Design A Day time. Working with quilt shapes on my computer is strangely therapeutic and relaxing. I've been showing you a few of my designs, but thought I'd add a little insight about how recent ones evolved. 

I've found it helpful to choose a theme to explore as I work. Thankfully Anne has no rules for the group and doesn't call me out in front of the class to shame me when I do this.

Who's free in Sydney on May 24th?  And who loves bagels with bacon, bourbon and maple schmear And cheap fabric? And live music?  And workshops? and an advice desk? If any of these things appeal to you, then come join me later this month for Fabric-A-Brac at Stanmore Public School. I'll be destashing all sorts of fabric and haby at discount prices. If I get a chance, I'll be doing some shopping there too! Last time, I sold out in two hours.

I've been spending a lot of time doing digital design lately. It's been a welcome break from the sewing room which I'll be getting back to soon. I've mentioned the #qdad designs twice before, so I won't rehash the details. I'll just remind you that these are exceptionally quick, not-fully-developed designs in preselected palettes. I have rough days, but there are other times when I quickly fall for a design. I hope to start sewing some of these soon.