A few weeks ago, I made a block for my friend Kristin to mark the US Supreme Court decision in favor of same-sex marriage.

In the crazy week before I moved to Adelaide, I wrote a tutorial for the #lovewinshearts block which is now available for free at Sew Mama Sew.

While my quilt block celebrates victory in my native country, I also want to take a moment to reflect on the situation in Australia. I don't think we can fully celebrate until #lovewins everywhere.

I am looking forward to seeing all of the blocks, quilts and projects that you make from the pattern.

Our caravan interior is shades of cream and brown. There weren't any choices with that so I just nodded and accepted that it is what it is.

Many of the caravans we looked at were clinical white with bright lights that looked like a med clinic, so generally we are happy that our caravan looks homey. Still it needs small pops of color, so I am making small projects that help spruce her up.

This cushion is the first project completed entirely in the caravan.

Craig and I believe that it is best to keep life interesting and take unexpected opportunities. That's how in the span of about a week,  I packed my bags and moved to Adelaide for a short term contract.

Before I started in the craft industry, I worked in visual effects for film and games. It had been almost five years since my last project though,  so I thought I had left those industries behind.

Crystal of Raspberry Spool tipped me off last night that my My Type of Quilt quilt was in the latest issue of Patchwork & Stitching, 16-10.  I knew it was coming out soon, but had lost track of which issue it was going to be in. I dashed straight to the local newsagent.

Long time followers of Badskirt might recognize this quilt. She had a few comical missteps in the beginning before arriving at the beauty she is today.

I ordered some Essex yard dyed fabric in Steel the other day, but it wasn't quite right for the project I had in mind. I set it aside for a a few pondering what do with it. At some point in the course of shuffling things around, my Must.Stash bee blocks from last year fell on top of it. The bee blocks were made by eight Australian girls along with myself working from our stashes and using my free tutorial for the block. The block design is one of the outcomes of Quilt Design A Day.

Next up on my very short parade of pattern testers is Caitlin of Salty Oat. Caitlin's that girl who has taste we all envy. She effortlessly pairs prints and finds the perfect combination to make each project shine. The dots of Hello Bear paired with the dotted flowers of Flea Market Fancy? Pretty much perfect, right?

Caitlin sells her projects at craft fairs in America's northeast and at her online Etsy shop, where she also sells fabric from independent Australians and UK designers.

We currently live in a reasonably sized one bedroom apartment in a cafe-laden neighborhood. It's a small, but nice apartment in a nice area. I needed to give the apartment a good clean the other day and took some photos of my favorite nooks as I did. 

My husband could probably be classed a minimalist. While I certainly lived life on a reduced scaled, I still keep a few wonderful, frivolous things about. I operate on a 'fill your house with things you love, but don't overfill it' philosophy.

I recently mentioned that I was trialing a new style of patterning where I release templates that can be used in multiple ways, putting creativity back in the hands of the maker. Early polling indicates this strategy isn't going to be a roaring runaway financial success, but it already feels like a winner.

Today, I'd like to show you a project from Stacey Day of Stacey Day Quilts who helped test the Wake Up Call pattern. Stacey has to be one of the most prolific quilters that I know.

After shaking out the new caravan in Echuca, we drove about two hours east along the Murray to the town of Rutherglen where we made camp for a few nights. Rutherglen is a small town in a wine region known for it's fortified wines and durifs.

We set up our Winnebago at the Rutherglen caravan park in the heart of the town. The caravan park adjoins a small lake.

Getting things up in my Craftsy store always takes a few more days than expected. This month, I was fortunate that the delay was due to our recent caravan holidays. I'm putting two new patterns up this week and trying something new. It may be hugely popularly or it might be a big fail. I'm willing to take that chance. The new patterns need a little explanation though.

I'm really excited about owning your quilts - putting creativity back in the hands of the maker.